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Welcome To Windows 8 Support

Windows 8 is a specialized Operating System for Personal Computer designed and sold by Microsoft. Windows 8 is the successor of Windows 7 and yet another successful and praised Operating System by Windows NT family. This Operating System is manufactured for tablets that enable grid of tiles application view. Some user did not like this view on the PC and Laptop. Still, it continued to dazzle in the market of Operating Systems. In addition, the new security systems are also introduced in this OS that tackles the situation of virus and phishing scams.

Get your Windows 8 Product Key

Windows product key is a 25-digit character code which is used to activate the Windows Product. Now, this code helps you get the 100% genuine Windows product and protects you from scams like piracy. Windows 8 has a great many upgraded features that enable the user with an intuitive interface. In order to access all these features you must activate the Windows using the Product Key. Listed below are the modes to purchase Windows 8 and access Product Key.

How to Activate Windows 8 on your PC

We know activating your Windows Operating System is very important. It enables us with great many features provided by the product. Also, with a genuine product, you and data will remain safe and protected from external threats. After Activating the Windows you will be able to experience the advantages of personalization and other stuff.

Activate Windows 8 using an Internet Connection

Activate Windows 8 by Phone

System Requirements for the Windows 8

  • Your PC should have 2GB RAM (recommended 4GB RAM).

  • The processor should be of 1 GHz clock rate.

  • The hard disk must have 20 GB space free for the Operating System.

  • Your screen should of display of 1024×768 pixels.

  • Also and an input device will required be like keyboard, mouse or touch screen.

Windows 8 Support

Everyone knows how to work with Windows Operating System as it is very user-friendly and easy to use. Also, updating the Windows 7 Service pack is not a difficult task either. Windows will surely work perfectly as claimed by company once you activate the genuine pack. But sometimes the user may find some problem with his product. In that case, Windows also provide a very fast customer support to their user. Visit the official website of the Microsoft and you will find solution to the most of your issues. You may able to find the step by step guide to your problem. If not then contact on their toll-free number for support. This number is 24*7 available for the user and response time is a few seconds. Do not wait, call now and get your Windows 7 fixed!