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D-Link Router Support - D-Link Corporation is a Taiwanese Multinational Company which primarily manufactures networking equipment. This company is basically designer, developer and manufacturer of networking, broadband, digital electronics, voice and data communications solutions for the digital home and business. D-Link Router is one of the trusted names that attract their users. You can rely on their products, they perform as they are supposed to be.

Change Wireless Setting of D-Link Router

If you have concern for your network and want to change settings so that nobody else can access the network without the password then follow few steps to ensure safety. Change your D-Link router’s wireless settings to tighten up access points and passwords, and keep your network secure.

As you must have an established connection to your Router and network. If not then ask your technician to help you through that.

  • Connect the Ethernet Cable to the ethernet port of your PC or Laptop. You can also change the settings of your Router using wireless devices like a smartphone.

  • It is recommended to use the wired network to change your D-Link Router Setting. Because after the change your wireless device will disconnect from the network but ethernet connection will remain connected.

  • Turn on your PC or Laptop and open a web browser of your choice.

  • In the URL section (omit the double quotation mark).

  • Enter the username and password. Check your router’s back or manual for these details. If you are using for the first time then leave the password block empty and login.

  • D-Link Interface screen will appear in front of you. Go to the “Setup” option and further click on “Wireless Setting” option.

  • Choose “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” in the next step.

  • Now can make changes to your Router and network connection. Change wireless name(SSID), wireless channel, toggle wireless mode setting or create new password.

  • After you are done with making changes to your device, click on “Submit” button. The D-Link Router will reboot and will be ready to use in few seconds.

Reset your D-Link Router

If you are forgotten your username and password of your wireless network then you need to reset your Router. Also if you want to troubleshoot your Router then you will be adviced to set the  Router. Also keep in mind, when you reset the D-Link Router, all network settings, passphrases and configurations are deleted.

  • Most of the D-Link Routers have Reset button inside a tiny hole
    adjacent to WAN or Internet port

  • In order to press the reset button, straighten a paperclip and insert the paperclip in the reset button. Press it for 15 seconds and then release.

  • The reset process will start and when all the lights are back on you will know your devices is back to factory default setting.

If you want to change settings and connect to a new network then follow the steps mentioned in “Change Wireless Setting of D-Link Router”.

Change Password of D-Link Router

When using a D-Link Router, a Password is an important thing to maintain your network private and secure. Be it Administrator Password or your WiFi Password, you want to keep it confidential. Sometimes we tend to for forget a newly created password, in that case, it is recommended to reset the password and create a new one.

Reset Wifi Password

Reset Administrator Password