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If you are looking for a printer that is good for your business and your personal use as well, then you should go for a Lexmark Printer. Lexmark International, Inc. is an American company that manufactures laser printers and imaging products that helps customer world wide print, secure and manage information with ease, efficiency and unmatched value.

Lexmark Products

Lexmark has wide range of products to match demands of their users around the globe. Some of their printers are:

Inkjet Printers

Laser Printers

Some of the Features of Lexmark Printer

Lexmark is one of the first choices of many user and business, because of its product and efficiency. Here are the some of the reason why people choose Lexmark Printer

Install and Setup Lexmark Printer Using CD & Wired Connection

Generally when you purchase a Lexmark Printer, you must be provided with a CD to install Printer software on your device. We will use this CD and guide you through the installation process. Before you start the installation process, make sure you have following items: Setup Sheet, CD Driver and Black and Color Print Cartridge. Also make sure to connect printer with your computer device using right cables and ports. You take help from the manual provided by the Lexmark Printer.

Now, we can start with installation process.

  • Close all the tabs and applications running on your device.

  • Insert the CD in right driver. It will start installation on its own.

  • In case the installation doesn’t start automatically, go to the disk driver and manually start the setup.

  • A dialog box will appear on your screen asking for your permission to install the printer driver. Click Yes button.

  • Accept the Privacy Policy of the setup after reviewing it.

  • And finish the wizard. This will install the Lexmark Printer driver.

  • Now open newly installed software and choose your language and country.

  • Click Continue. Your Installation is finished.

  • Take out a rough printer to check whether your printer is working fine and enjoy the services of Lexmark Printer.

In case you are unable to install the Lexmark Printer by following above steps then contact Lexmark Customer Support Team. Or you can connect it using wireless network. 

Setup Lexmark Printer on a Wireless Network

This method is comparatively easy and recommended way to set up the Lexmark Printer. Before you start with this process there some things you must know, like information about the cable, port and various connections of your Printer device. Take guidance for the manual book. And note down the Wireless Network Name and Network Key.

  • Turn on your printer by connection it to the main power supply.

  • Install the Printer Driver either using the CD or from the official
    website of Lexmark.

  • After you install the Driver, select the connection type that is

  • On printer, use menu button to enter the wireless network name
    and key and select OK.

  • Make your computer is also connected with the same wireless

  • Once the Printer is connected with wireless network, it will
    display on
    your computer screen as ‘connected’.

  • Take out a rough printer and check out the print quality of

In case you are unable to install the Lexmark Printer by following above steps then contact Lexmark Customer Support Team. Or you can connect it using wireless network. 

Lexmark Printer Support

Although Lexmark is a brilliant company with outstanding products with thousands of satisfied customers, but sometimes it may have some issue that may be difficult for a non technical user to understand. With sound technical knowledge of Lexmark Printer, our support team is here to help you. You need to contact Lexmark customer service for any kind of help regarding the same. They will ensure that Lexmark printer software is installed or not, then will find out the root cause of the issue and suggest you best for your printer.

Some of the support provided by use are mentioned below:

24*7 call support.

Print Jams and Misfeeds.

Printer Driver installation

Printer Driver not responding.

Troubleshoot the print head.

Printer Spooler Error.

Cartridge jam of the Lexmark Printer.

Cartridge related issues and errors.

Printer troubleshoot and setup assistance.

Problem communicating with printer’ error.

Upgrading software to make device compatible for Printer to work.

Unable to connect with the wireless network.