Dell Laptop Support

Dell Laptop Support

Dell is very popularly known for its hardware or software components and services related to these components. The Dell Laptops comes in the top 5 best laptops across the globe. The company offers you extensive Laptop Support services in order to provide the best experience.

The Support includes virus detection as well as removal, optimization, and thorough scanning etc. If you are facing any trouble while setting up your new Dell Laptop, or using the old one then you may call Dell Support Number for the assistance.  We as an expert offer free problem diagnosis, and integrated support to solve the software related problems.

You can also use an automated proactive support like Support Assist for your Dell Laptops, PCs or Tablets. In order to download Support Assist on your PC, you need to visit the link dell and then search for the Support Assist using the search box. Click the Download Now link in order to start the download process, and then install the setup on your system for the better efficiency.

You can also visit Dell Support driver download, in order to download the Support Assist setup for your Laptop. If you face any difficulty while downloading the setup then call Dell Technical Support or directly connect using Dell Support Chat option. Even Dell has the latest technology and extraordinary then also there is a risk of failure the technology. Dell Offers Support services for home, small offices, as well as large enterprises.

Some common issues with Dell Laptop -  Laptop Support:

  • No power or no boot.

  • Dell Laptop BIOS ROM checksum error.

  • CPU machine check omission detected.

  • Dell laptop super I/O chip error.

  • Video BIOS test error.

  • Dell Laptop Gate A20 failure.

  • Keyboard controller test failure.

  • Dell laptop Diagnostics error 2000:0142 -
    hard disk failure.

  • Battery failure - Real-time clock power

  • Failure in processor - CPU Cache test

  • LCD failure - Blackin Out of the screen

  • Configuration issues

  • Driver installation or uninstallation issues

  • Issues with the WIFI

  • Bluetooth driver related issues

These errors may generate beep sound to convey the error message, so when an error occurs you will be notified by a beep sound. Dell Laptop errors can be resolved by Dell technical experts and in order to contact Dell Help and support you can call directly. Sometimes you face some errors during the installation of drivers, due to hard drive failures.

Steps to install Operating System - Dell  Support:

  • First, you need to insert the CD or DVD into CD ROM of your system and then restart your system

  • Press E12 constantly when the screen turns on until select boot device appears.

  • Now select the disk type, hit enter, and then select the preferred language, time and click OK

  • Select Install Now, type the product key and then press enter when prompted

  • Now tick the checkbox in order to accept the software license agreement

  • Select the type of installation which you requires, like Custom: Install Windows Only

  • Now you need to create the Windows partition, so click Apply and then click Next

  • Wait until the installation process is finished completely after the first boot

The above process does not require any technical knowledge but in case you need guidance then you may contact Dell Technical Support for the help. Our experts will provide you the solution related to your Dell Laptop issue