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Dell Printer Offline - Dell is an American Company that designs,manufactures,sells and supports a number of electronic devices.They are a huge part of markets such as Laptops,Desktops,Workstations,Servers and Printers.In order to purchase the Dell Product,you can visit the dell or visit your nearest retail store. Furthermore,if you are looking for support for any of the Dell Product then feel free to contact the Dell Printer Offline Support.

dell printer offline

One of the popular Dell product is the Dell Printer.They offer an all-in-one,black and white, and color printer that is also price efficient.Now one of the common issues that a user face while using a printer is Offline Printer.Similarly,when using the Dell Printer,you can get Offline error.

To troubleshoot this issue,you can try the following steps:

Step 1 - Reboot the Computer and Printer

Most of the issues with the electronic gadgets are solved by simply restarting them. You can follow these steps to reboot the devices.

  • Turn off the Computer that you are using with the Dell Printer.

  • Now power down the Printer and take out the power cable.

  • Carefully examine the power cable of the Dell Printer.

  • Disconnect the Computer and Dell printer. That takes out the
    USB cable connecting the Computer and Printer.

  • Wait for 30 seconds. You can clean the printer and computer
    in the meantime using a dry cloth

  • Reconnect the devices and turn on the computer and printer.

  • Try and take a rough print. Check whether the Printer is
    working correctly or not.

If the system still shows the same issue then you can move to the next troubleshooting step for the error.

Step 2 - Check the USB Cable and Reconnect

There is a possibility that the USB cable you are using to connect the Printer and Computer is broken. In such a case, you are required to get a new cable and replace it with the broken one.
If you are using a Wireless Printer then you can simply connect the Printer to a network and take out as many prints as you want. Once you eliminate the issue related to any hardware damage then you can follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps to resolve the error.

Step 3 - Check for Physical Damage and Paper Jammin

Another hardware related issue that a user can easily troubleshoot is paper jamming. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Power off the Dell Printer, remove from the AC outlet and go to the next step.

  • Open the printer and check the paper path for an issue such as misfeed. Also,
    check whether any piece of paper stuck inside it.

  • If any piece of appearing to be crumpled inside it, remove carefully and gently.

  • Clean with a dry piece of cloth and close the printer.

  • You can now start the printing again.

Now you have eliminated any issue with the hardware, you can move to the software troubleshooting in the next step if it is still there.

Step 4 - Set Dell Printer as Default Printer

In case you use more than one printer on your computer then you need to add the Dell Printer as the default printer. Otherwise, you can get offline issues with it. To set the Dell Printer as the default printer, you can follow these steps:

  • On your Windows computer, start by launching the Control Panel.

  • Now go to the Device and Printer under the Hardware and Sound Menu.

  • A list of all the devices added to your computer will appear.

  • Navigate to the Dell Printer and right-click on it.

  • And choose to “Set Default Printer”.

  • You need to check the “Set Default Printer” option.

  • Save the settings and try to take a rough printer.

If you are getting any issue then contact the Dell Printer Support.

Step 5 - Update or Reinstall the Dell Printer Driver

The  error can be due to the outdated printer driver. As per the user’s requirement, the Dell keeps on launching new updates for the driver. As the new updates launches, the Dell stops support for the older version. You can simply install the latest version from the official website.

  • On your web browser, go to dell and then click on the Support button at
    the header section of the screen.

  • From the given submenu, choose to Drivers & Downloads.

  • Enter your product or model details in the given blank.

  • You will be presented with the software available to download for the device.

  • Click on the driver software that you want to install.

  • As soon the driver is download, install it on your computer.

  • You can follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Once the installation is finished, take out a print using the Dell Printer.

If you are still getting the  issue. Then feel free to contact the Dell Support.

Step 6 - Contact the Dell Printer Support

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If you are also facing the similar issues then contact the Dell Support. Simply place a call at the toll-free number given here. You call will be directed to the Dell Support executive. You can share your issues and get the troubleshooting for your issues. This service is 24/7 available, you can call now.